We love dress-up

Everyday play for my little love. Her collection grows by the second. From Amazon costumes to thrift store finds, dress-up is a way of life in our cozy little

Hazel turns 5.

Another perfect birthday for a lovely little girl and her friends. Hazel turned five years old on Thursday and it was a momentous occassion marked with her grandma’s visit from

Other Mothers has a new location

Hazel and I visited Other Mothers yesterday at their new location, also on Montgomery Blvd. The only reason I knew it was there is because I was driving down Montgomery before it

Fun in the sun.

We love parks and there is always a new one to discover in Albuquerque, NM. Last Friday, we experienced Mary Fox Park for the first time and what a treat

Growing Pains

As a daycare provider, I have now learned, you can not help every family even if your intentions are good. In response to Corona Virus and trying to assist a healthcare professional, I took on a

Taming Aggression in Kids

Tantrums, fits, bullying, fights; as a child care provider, I have seen it all and out of the most unlikely little one’s too. So what can I do to help? Well, lots I do believe. The key to

We have a spot open!

We have ONE full-time daycare opening during the week, Monday – Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM but hurry because it won’t last. 2 months and older welcome up to ten years of age. Full-time

Early Adopter Thank You Halloween Party!

Time to celebrate our first month reaching maximum capacity here at Hazel & Friends Daycare.  We opened our doors on June 1st and by October 2nd, 2019 we have all of our full-time weekday and

Let’s Play Magic Food!

Fun & Free game that promotes color and fruit recognition for toddlers. To play simply click —–> Start Select the fruit pictured as quickly as possible. Gain points before the

Hazel & Friends Daycare on Care.com

My favorite website for finding local babysitters is also my new social media platform for advertising hazelandfriends.com. For $100/year I was able to shop for quality care, post jobs, browse

Happy 2nd Birthday to Hazel!

My how the time flies. It feels like just yesterday Hazel was born and now she is turning TWO years old. Let the festivities begin! We are inviting the local Albuquerque, NM community and anyone

A mom’s tips… Caring for a sick baby.

These past few days Hazel and I have both been ill from either a stomach bug or food poisoning. While it has been rough on the both of us, I am learning a lot too. Here are some tips for other

Best Toddler Songs

Our favorite Super Simple Youtube music stream for kids! Includes animated videos for Baby Shark, the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Clap your Hands…. 55 minutes of captivating fun for your little

Sailor Themed 2nd Bday Party

Organizing a baby birthday party has never been more fun. Searching through my favorite craft and recipe pins, I have it all covered from sailor hats, to felt pinwheels, to striped flag bow ties

A Little Princess

Classic novel with timeless life lessons for your little princess. It begins with a very spoiled yet kind and generous young lady who has a rich and adoring father. Near the middle of the story, she

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Madeline studied Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations at San Diego State University. She has always loved to express herself through her writing. Her professional career has taken her in different directions mostly in some sort of B2B Marketing & Sales position. Her proudest moment was becoming a mother.

She now Blogs, Creates, Designs and Manages Websites for herself and other Small Business Owners as an independent contractor for Madeline Carlisle LLC. While hazelandfriends.com started as a New Mexico State Registered in-home Daycare, it has now evolved into a Blog documenting Madeline’s experience as a mother to her now four year old daughter, Hazel Lynn, including play dates, pictures, parenting tips, recipes, glamping, adventures and more…

The goal is to gain enough followers to earn the attention of A For Adley as Madeline promised her daughter she would get to meet her favorite Youtube star one day. Hazel is convinced mommy can drive down the street and she can have an instant play date with Adley even though Madeline explained to her, no sweetie she lives really, really far away.

For additional information on website design for your small business, visit madelinecarlisle.com.

While Madeline has a gypsy soul and has thus lived all over the country including Austin, TX, New York, NY, Sacramento & San Diego, CA, she is currently settled and permanently residing in Albuquerque, NM.