These past few days Hazel and I have both been ill from either a stomach bug or food poisoning. While it has been rough on the both of us, I am learning a lot too. Here are some tips for other parents or guardians of sick little ones.

  1. Make sure that baby is hydrated first and foremost. Fruit Punch Gatorade worked like a dream for me and although it is high in sugar, 21 grams per serving, she sucks it down and relieves me of the stress of going to the Emergency room for a dehydrated baby. On a positive note, at least it’s not aspartame (artificial sweetener) and this is just a once in a great while thing. I have to give it to her in a bottle because she is at the age (nearly two) where she likes to take the lids off of her sippy cups and spill the contents all over. So to avoid the hassle of stained red clothes, floors, furniture, etc. I opted for a good, old-fashioned bottle.

  2. Avoid milk if possible, depending on babies diet of course. While vomiting, I thought, had ended about two days ago, she surprised me at around midnight last night with one more session. I believe it was partly because I gave her two 8 ounce bottles of whole milk before bed as I wanted to make sure her belly was full for sleep, big mistake as it came right back up. Hazel’s Pediatrician in Las Cruces once mentioned to me that if babies are sick and throwing up, she does not care if they are well fed but having fluids replenished is essential.

  3. Pull all bedding, soiled clothes, pillow cases, diaper, etc. immediately and put baby to sleep in a fresh and clean bed. Put these soiled objects in a separate dirty clothes hamper, possibly closed if you can to avoid the smell getting out into your home and just leave it for the night.

  4. Keep calm in the moment and try to make it as easy as possible on baby, Hazel often mirrors mom, so if I am calm and easy going, so is she. A full nights sleep is also the best remedy for the both of you so stay focused on the prize.

  5. Handle laundry first thing in the morning and make sure all areas are cleaned thoroughly with bleach and disinfectant.

  6. If your baby is eating solid foods, feed her small, plain portions of tummy soothing foods such as vegetable soup.

  7. Call her primary care Dr./Nurse if you are worried about unusual or prolonged symptoms, if in doubt, it is always best to consult an expert.

  8. Take it easy until you and baby are restored to full health and wellness.

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