Let’s talk parenting styles. It’s been a long time since I re-visited the basics but I do believe it is important for a daycare provider to examine their own way of raising little one’s because a nanny, babysitter or caretaker assumes the role of parent/guardian for a large part of that child’s life.

The one type that I know my own child will never identify with is the authoritarian style. I do recall observing her momentarily with an authoritarian type of sitter and I could tell by the look on her face, she was not having it. Children, at least from my experience, and if allowed and encouraged, start to develop their own personalities from birth. Hazel is an independent, gregarious, happy and loving little extrovert and thus will rebel if she is not allowed to be herself. I also had a child who was a little more shy and introverted yet also thrived and was happy in a setting where he knew fairness and love conquered all. It is so important to let your little one’s know you love them and care about their feelings.

Reflecting on our experiences, for the most part, I am authoritative through and through with my own child and others. I do believe it is very important to try and mirror what the child’s parents are doing at home, for instance, when it comes to diet and nutrition in particular. Child rearing, however, while sadly is not universal, really ought to be and at least it seems to me there is a trend to make it that way with all of the advice, articles, studies and focus on this very important topic.

Parenting styles can get a little tricky to replicate. I think it is best to choose someone to care for your little one who is caring, nurturing, involved but also operates on a schedule/routine and has rules. If there are no rules, there is chaos in a home but as we all know, kids are kids and should have freedom to explore, learn and grow first and foremost.

It truly is a balance, each and every day that we go through as both parents and care takers alike.

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