I have a child in my daycare who was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and thus can not have gluten. When one thinks of gluten, they think of bread, or at least I do.  While I still have yet to dive into the gluten-free bread game and find one that does not taste like plywood, today we took a chance and it worked out well.

Spoonfuls of peanut butter (assuming peanuts are not cross-contaminated although even her Dr. said a very small amount of gluten is okay) and preserves; no bread. It makes a gorgeous and quick dessert and a protein rich snack for the kiddos. Get fancy and use a pretty spoon and call it gourmet. Our personal favorites are raspberry and blackberry preserves.

Considering bread is what really fills up your tummy, it may take two to three spoonfuls to make up for the loss and that pesky gluten that most of us with or without Celiac are trying to avoid. As you can see, I barely got a picture in before Hazel grabbed the spoons and gobbled them up.


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