Too cute not to share. New interior daycare pictures coming soon to our Homepage. These kids make the holidays worth it for me and I think they know it too. They all have individual gifts to open this coming Monday in addition to a yearly pass for all of us to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science about a block away from our in-home Daycare. I really could not have chosen a better location to both live with a little one and have a daycare because all I have to do is roll the kids around in our six-seater Bye-Bye-Buggy to all sorts of fun stuff within walking distance! We’ve got THREE public parks, one with multiple playgrounds – TIGUEX + THE SAWMILL TRUST PARK + THE PLAYGROUND HERE AT THE SAWMILL LOFTS.

Hazel and Friends Daycare can now go to EXPLORA, THE BIOPARK & ZOO, and THE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM anytime we choose, talk about exciting! (PARENTAL WARNING: At least ONE screaming and crying fit is common upon exiting the above, just ask the staff).  Starting January 2, 2020, we are maxed out for our current full-time weekday capacity but I am in the process of upgrading my license and this will allow for ONE additional full-time kiddo. While this is the hardest job I have ever had it is also the most rewarding and I wouldn’t change these moments for the world. Bring your babe and come join in on the fun. We do accept CYFD contracts just please have it ready at the start of care.

The key to successful child rearing is without a doubt un-conditional LOVE and FORGIVENESS. Let kids be kids, our job is to make sure they do not hurt themselves or others along the way. My ultimate goal is to help raise happy, kind, loving, healthy, grateful little ones who will naturally lead successful and fulfilling lives.

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