Hazel and Friends Daycare will stay open for our existing children and families through this challenging and uncertain time. We vow to put our community first and have taken measures to operate our in-home daycare and thus help our current parents and children to sustain their way of life in this time of crises to the best of our abilities.

“Forever is a long time and time has a way of changing things.”

– Big Momma, The Fox & the Hound

At this time, I have decided to forego new CYFD contracts. I am open to bringing on one new non-CYFD contract but please understand I will need to thoroughly vet this new potential family in addition to a possible request for a negative COVID-19 for all children and adults currently living in your home. If interested, please start by filling out our Care Request Form.

After completing this, I will than contact you by phone or email to discuss further and potentially proceed with a no physical contact daycare intake process.

This is for your safety, our safety, the safety of my neighboring families and the safety of the families I presently serve in my day-to-day Daycare operation. I will do whatever possible to prevent the spread of Corona Virus and I hope that you will help us by playing it safe, staying home if necessary and putting yourself and your family first.

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