Hazel and Friends Daycare will stay open for our existing children and families through this challenging and uncertain time. We vow to put our community first and have taken measures to safely operate our in-home Daycare and thus help our current parents and children to sustain their way of life in this time of crises to the best of our abilities.

While it seems cases are on the decline and the Corona Virus may be slowly on its way out, we are still stuck inside, most businesses are closed, and un-employment is at an all-time high. On the bright side, Daycare is considered an essential business here in Albuquerque, New Mexico and thus our little in-home Child Care operation is thus staying alive and our doors open. Yes, I realize this is a blessing and I am eternally grateful to the divine forces at play here. 

We are now accepting new CYFD and non-CYFD contracts starting today and going forward. We currently have one full-time weekday and two full-time weekend openings. If interested, please fill out this digital FORM.  

After completing this, I will contact you by phone or email to discuss further and potentially proceed with a tour. Please be honest regarding any symptoms you and/or your family may be having and most importantly, stay home with your kids and seek immediate medical attention if you believe you could have the (COVID-19) virus. From what I understand, you may be tested locally if you and/or your family are showing at least two symptoms of the Corona Virus, for instance, a fever and respiratory problems. If you do not have active symptoms it is safe to assume you are not infected and you may proceed with life as somewhat usual.  

I am here to help the local community as best I can to get through this and do whatever I can for working families. 

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