and everyone else for that matter.

Here is my ode to Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Thank you for making my kids’ smile each and every day. For the variety of baking options you provide to us cookie rookies; dough in a tub, on a cardboard cookie sheet, and from scratch. The ease and consistency of your product quality. The gorgeous aroma you fill my home with. The nut-free options pleasing both picky-eaters and those with nut-allergies alike. The fact that your cookies are always inhaled within minutes of removing fromĀ  the cookie sheet.

Here is my top-secret cookie recipe, if available, I purchase the small tub from my local grocer, two at a time if possible. Not only are they delicious but super easy for the kids to make and perfect themselves (aside from the oven part which I do myself of course).

For the ambitious, here is a link to the old-fashioned, from-scratch variety:

Nestle Toll House Cookies Recipe

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