Early Adopter Thank You Halloween Party!

Time to celebrate our first month reaching maximum capacity here at Hazel & Friends Daycare.  We opened our doors on June 1st and by October 2nd, 2019 we have all of our full-time weekday and

Let’s Play Magic Food!

Fun & Free game that promotes color and fruit recognition for toddlers. To play simply click —–> Start Select the fruit pictured as quickly as possible. Gain points before the

Peanut-peanut butter & jelly

I have a child in my daycare who was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and thus can not have gluten. When one thinks of gluten, they think of bread, or at least I do.  While I still have yet to

Birthday FUN!

Thank you to everyone who came to Hazel’s 2nd birthday party and helped us celebrate our special girl.

Top 10 Favorite Amazon Prime Kids Shows

The below list is our favorite Amazon Prime kids series and/or Amazon Prime available kids series. The main factors I considered when creating this list include; educational value, creativity

Authoritative Parenting

Let’s talk parenting styles. It’s been a long time since I re-visited the basics but I do believe it is important for a daycare provider to examine their own way of raising little

Hazel & Friends Daycare on Care.com

My favorite website for finding local babysitters is also my new social media platform for advertising hazelandfriends.com. For $100/year I was able to shop for quality care, post jobs, browse

There is nothing better than a child’s imagination.

At Hazel and Friends Daycare, we believe in playtime, lots of it! Our modern LIVE-WORK space is designed just for that. We have an open, UN-cluttered home with a (mostly) handmade pirate ship play

Happy 2nd Birthday to Hazel!

My how the time flies. It feels like just yesterday Hazel was born and now she is turning TWO years old. Let the festivities begin! We are inviting the local Albuquerque, NM community and anyone

A mom’s tips on caring for a sick baby.

These past few days Hazel and I have both been ill from either a stomach bug or food poisoning. While it has been rough on the both of us, I am learning a lot too. Here are some tips for other

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